Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Birth/Motherhood Affirmations

We spend so much time focusing on the baby during pregnancy, that very seldom are the mothers recognized or offered encouragement.  Usually women are scared or given negative thoughts and comments during pregnancy.  The person I would like to do these for is a dear friend of mine who has a home birth coming up.   As a woman who has given birth a few times, I recognize that the mother is the one who will be putting the most time and effort into her labor/birth.  On this page, I would like to invite friends to offer their encouragement or words of wisdom that aren't nagging or imply inability to birth.  Any negativity or comments that are not respectful or conducive to her wishes will be removed immediately.  I will go ahead and start, just in case you're wondering what kinds of things you might be able to say to help a woman who is counting down the days.  This can be as long or as short as you would like.  Once the comments are all gathered up, they will be printed and put into a special book.  It can  be one simple word that has a lot of power and meaning to you (courage, bravery, strength, love,etc.), a poem, a letter, a YouTube video that links a special song, wishes that you have for her or positive memories from your own birth.  Be as creative as you would like!

And please remember to keep this a secret!

Alexis, you are a strong and brave woman.  Women have been giving birth for billions of years, since before we were monkeys falling out of trees.  You will do great and you will make it through labor, birth and beyond great.  Congratulations on your upcoming journey! -Darah Pin It now!


  1. Lexie! She's going to be here so soon and we're all super excited for you, I know that you will do amazing and shouldn't have any concerns. I'm so happy for you and excited for Rocco to have a little sister. I can't wait to see her little face. Congratulations and good luck! Love you so much!! <3 - Amanda

  2. You are made for this. You are strong and capable, and your body will prove that to you. Cherish this amazing experience, and allow it to show you just how amazing you truly are. Congratulations, and enjoy your incredible experience!